Friday, July 15, 2016

The Queen of Denmark visit Borobudur temple.

Sunday, October 25 , 2015 Borobudur News.
The Queen of Denmark and Royal Highness Prince Henrik stay at Villa Borobudur (Luxury - Privacy - Authentic Java) for some leisure time after their state visit this fall. 
Here some pictures during the visit of the royal couple: 
Villa Borobudur escorted, Tobacco - Sculpture - local Batik d-Rayu read more   
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Monday, July 4, 2016


My name is Wahyu Surono,
I am the founder and commissioner of Asta Brata Group.
Asta Brata Group is a limited liability company in Indonesia.
- Asta Brata, PT engaged in Construction and General Trading
- Asta Brata Technology, PT engaged in technology such as:
* Web design and software engineering
* Desktop and mobile application
* Networking
* Domain and hosting
* hadware
* Computer training center, etc

This is what I did in the past or my activity:
I have completed a big project and have succeeded in developed and managed Villa Borobudur,
I had partner than become like my family from Holland investors.
May 2010, I started to build and develop Villa Borobudur
with a plan 6 commercial villas and 1 villa use by investor,
I am in charge and involved:
The purchase of land, Villa design, Infrastructures, Licence,
Project management, Hotel management, and etc.
Soft opening in December 2011, event the villa was continuing development.
2014 we have completed  all the villas, and we had a break even point in 2015.

I am very grateful, can managed the villas with only local people. (without hotel basic),
but I believed with the friendliness of Javanese people,
than we have achieved to be number 1 villa on the Java island (tripadvisor).

I am very grateful and proud of the achievement of the villa Borobudur.
However I feel there is no big challenge in the villa Borobudur anymore,
I see there is a lot of people are talented, smart, diligent, hard workers still need a job,
I've talked and asked with my partners (2 persons). By the way to split or separate the business,
I decided to leave Villa Borobudur April 2016,
and eager to seek new challenges to make more jobs (villa/hotel) in Java or in Indonesia.

Asta Brata Teknologi, PT activity :

- SABIT school (education/ e-learning) in Lab Elementary School SDIT
- SiUPK Online use by 65 sub-district since 2015 with target every year: 50
sub-district, total Indonesia sub-district is 6524, with estimation every sub-
district have 3000 - 6000 people/users

If you or maybe some of your friends interested to invest in Indonesia together with me,
Please, send an email to

Hormat saya - (my respect)
Best regards from Java
Wahyu Surono